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PocketChange is a social media where every like, comment, or post directs 1-5¢ to charity. You can help cover the cost, and our community will direct the change based on their actions.

This will exponentially increase your dollars impact as people donate their own money on posts in larger amounts.

Thank you to our generous donors

Peggy & Pat Morris

The Lukach Family

Jon Christensen

“Every dollar I give to the Pocket Fund makes a direct difference and magnifies others’ giving as well. That doubles the power of my donation.”

The Vance Family

Jim & Becky White

Joe & Paige Dooley

Excited to see PocketChange bringing more people together around causes!

Karen & Steve Sokal

The White Family

Thom Wyatt

"This team is making it easier to contribute to a better world."

The Iserloth Family

Greg & Beth Robitaille

The team of students at PocketChange are dedicated to make a real change on how we can improve the world that is accessible and innovative- turning likes into real progress.

The McAtamney Family

The Hayes Family

Dan & Susan Dooley

"We believe in PocketChange and its ability to allow everyone to make small contributions that will help in a big way! We're all in this together. Finally a vehicle that allows everyone to participate in helping people in need and affecting change in the world."

Becky & Lester Knight

"It's exciting to see new initiatives like this that can really help people in the world"

Murray & Elaine Rubinstein

The Solberg Family

The Pearsall/Jannotta Family

The Neild Family

The Indovino Family

The team of students at PocketChange are dedicated to make a real change on how we can improve the world - that is accessible and innovative turning Likes into real progress.

Our Payment Partners

Your charitable contribution is being directed to Make My Donation Inc. our registered 501(c)(3) partner organization. Your donation should be tax deductible however we recommend you speak to your tax advisor. EIN: 47-0468817

PocketChange takes 0% on any donations! We work with brands to cover our costs so more of your dollar can go to the cause. Our payment processor Stripe has a fee of 2.2% + 30¢, and Make My Donation Inc. has a grant distribution fee of 3.5% to help secure your charitable gift.

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